How Much The Sims 4 Costs in 2023 (2023)

The Sims 4 is an incredibly realistic game, at least on the principle that nothing is ever free. The popular life sim has received a staggering amount of DLCs since its 2014 release, which have paywalled a majority of updates and content. Meanwhile, the base game has remained largely unchanged for years. It doesn't look like EA will be slowing down the production of add-ons anytime soon either, which is a frustrating prospect for those who are tired of opening their pockets. With a total of sixty-one DLCs available for purchase, the price to pay for the full Sims 4 experience is high - but exactly how much does it cost?


In October 2022, EA officially announced that The Sims 4 base game will be free for the foreseeable future. This isn't an uncommon business model for modern games, namely those containing microtransactions, but the decision resulted in backlash from those who had previously purchased the game for its full price. In return for their investment of potentially $60 (USD), players were only rewarded with a single $5 kit for The Sims 4. From this action alone, it's clear to see why EA's many add-ons are met with such a critical eye. Unfortunately, the situation only becomes more grave when calculating the total cost of all Sims 4 DLCs in 2023.

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How Much Sims 4's Expansion Packs Cost in 2023

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Out of all Sims 4 DLCs, expansion packs offer the most content, oftentimes granting Sims brand-new experiences (and also granting players brand-new ways to play the game). Unique gameplay usually entails a career path, map, and/or activity, accompanied by a large list of items like furniture and new clothing in The Sims 4. However, being the most fleshed-out DLCs, they also come at the most expensive price. There are currently twelve expansion packs available for purchase in The Sims 4.

  • City Living - $39.99

City Living allows Sims to leave the suburbs and live in a San Myshuno, a city full of new people, festivals, and even career opportunities (such as professions in Politics or Art Critique). Sims can live in a high-rise apartment building or even a penthouse, and they'll of course need to regularly pay rent to stay on good terms with their landlord.

  • Seasons - $39.99

As its name would imply, Seasons adds a year-round cycle of weather and seasons, alongside entire calendar of festive activities like HarvestFest in the Sims 4. Sims can participate in outdoor activities like building a snowman in the winter, or running through the sprinklers in the summer. They can also take up the gardening career or flower arranging skill while immersing themselves in detailed weather, like thunderstorms.

  • Eco Lifestyle - $39.99

Eco Lifestyle gives Sims the opportunity to become more climate-conscious. A new map, Evergreen Harbor, is directly affected by the cleanliness of the neighborhood, and it's up to the player to keep the environment thriving. Renewable energy sources like solar panels can be added to homes, and Sims can become more active in their communities by voting and repurposing discarded items.

  • Cats & Dogs - $39.99

Cats & Dogs grants Sims the opportunity to love and care for a pet (or multiple, in the case of Sims 4 NPCs obsessed with dog adoption). The personalities and appearances of cats and dogs can be customized in Create-a-Pet, and Sims can then form a bond with them by feeding, training, and playing with them. Players can even run their own vet clinic, all while enjoying the sights of the new map, Brindleton Bay.

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  • Get Together - $39.99

Get Together gives Sims the ability to form complex friendships with their neighbors by creating personalized clubs, and the DJ and Dancing skills let them express themselves more than ever before. When they're not socializing and participating in challenges with their group, they can rest up in Windenburg, a mystical-looking new neighborhood.

  • Get To Work - $39.99

In Get To Work, players can join their Sims as they head to work and play an active role in their shift. Interactive career options include Doctor, Detective, and Scientist - but Sims can also be self-employed by creating their own retail business. They'll earn simoleons without cheating in The Sims 4 (if they play their cards right).

  • Discover University - $39.99

Discover University brings the college experience to The Sims 4 by allowing Sims to attend University of Britechester or Foxbury Institute. Here, they can live in a dorm, attend lectures, socialize with other students, and graduate with various degrees to unlock specialized careers down the line.

  • Snowy Escape - $39.99

Snowy Escape is set on Mt. Komorebi, a snow-capped mountain perfect for skiing, snowboarding, rock climbing, and more. This Sims 4 expansion also introduces the Lifestyles feature, which can directly influence Sims' personalities based on their day-to-day habits.

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  • Get Famous - $39.99

Get Famous lets Sims become celebrities in Del sol Valley, either by climbing to fame as an Actor, or through other means. The Reputation feature can positively (or negatively) impact how other Sims view the player, and some unique social interactions may occur as a consequence.

  • Cottage Living - $39.99

Cottage Living might be the best Sims expansion, as it allows players to raise adorable farm animals, interact with wildlife, and support small businesses in Henford-on-Bagley. Recipes using organic ingredients and a new Country Caretaker aspiration let Sims live off the land, if they so please.

  • Island Living - $39.99

The Sims 4's world map expands significantly with the addition of Island Living. This DLC lets players visit Sulani, which is split into three distinct islands: Lani St. Taz, Mua Pel'am, and Ohan'ali Town. Sims can go on a canoe ride in the ocean, meet mermaids, and connect with the local inhabitants to learn about their traditions.

  • High School Years - $39.99

High School Years lets players accompany their teen Sims as they attend high school in Copperdale. Students can attend class, socialize with their classmates, participate in extracurricular activities, and go to events like graduation and prom (which Sims can turn into a promposal in The Sims 4).

The Cost Of All Sims 4 Game Packs In 2023

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Being a step down from expansion packs, game packs offer a slightly smaller, more streamlined experience in The Sims 4. They typically revolve around a more specific theme, but they still include unique gameplay features. There are currently twelve game packs in The Sims 4.

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  • Dream Home Decorator - $19.99

Dream Home Decorator lets finally players unleash their interior decorating skills in a place other than Build Mode. Interior Designers can style another Sim's room, house, or business with new furniture and decor - but they'll need to pay close attention to their client's Likes and Dislikes in order to please them.

  • Dine Out - $19.99

In Dine Out, players are able to visit and run their very own restaurants by cooking experimental foods, creating and serving a personalized menu, and properly managing kitchen staff. It also introduces the Customer Satisfaction feature, which influences a restaurant's reputation (and, by extension, profits).

  • Werewolves - $19.99

Werewolves contains a Twilight Easter egg in The Sims 4, but there's much more to do in Moonwood Hill. Sims can become a Werewolf (and customize their appearance), join a Werewolf pack, and participate in typical Werewolf activities - which include sparring, playing tug-of-war, and of course, howling at the moon.

  • StrangerVille - $19.99

StrangerVille features a linear, story-driven narrative, unlike most DLCs in The Sims 4. Players will be tasked with solving a dark conspiracy in the town of StrangerVille, where residents display creepy behavior and an unusual affinity to certain plants. They'll also be able to join the Military in two new career paths.


  • Outdoor Retreat - $19.99

In Outdoor Retreat, Sims can take a breath of fresh air and visit Granite Falls. There, they'll be able to camp out in a tent, roast marshmallows, stargaze, and much more (at least until their vacation is over). Although Outdoor Retreat misses an important Sims detail in The Sims 4, the Herbalism skill provides depth to the expansion by allowing players to study plants and use them to brew useful remedies.

  • Parenthood - $19.99

Parenthood makes families feel more realistic by having parent Sims create lasting on impacts their children. Adults can level up the Parenting skill to unlock meaningful interactions, develop their child's core traits like empathy and responsibility, and ultimately shape their future personality.

  • Spa Day - $19.99

Spa Day lets Sims relax by going to the spa and unwinding through massages, sitting in the sauna, or working on their mindfulness with the Wellness skill. As of the 2021 Spa Day Refresh update, kids can also participate in these peaceful pastimes, and new pampering options like manicures and facials also enhance the experience.

  • Star Wars: Journey to Batuu - $19.99

The Sims 4 collaborated with the Star Wars franchise to develop Journey to Batuu. Herein, players can find Kylo Ren in The Sims 4 alongside other iconic characters from the beloved sci-fi series. In this narrative-driven expansion, they'll need to side with either the Resistance, First Order, or a group of scoundrels to preserve the planet Batuu. They can even create a lightsaber and customize a droid along the way.

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  • Jungle Adventure - $19.99

Jungle Adventure takes players to Selvadorada, a jungle full of culture, exploration, and danger. Sims will need to navigate through a dense jungle filled with creatures (both friendly and foe) to uncover a temple, where they'll have ample opportunity for archeological digs. Otherwise, they can bond with the local Selvadoradians and learn about their traditions.

  • Realm of Magic - $19.99

Realm of Magic introduces occult Spellcaster Sims, which can cast spells, brew potions, and even summon celestial companions. Spellcasters can aspire to either master potion brewing or sorcery, and the DLC's various Sages can help them attain that goal.

  • Vampires - $19.99

Sims 4's vampires have a dating problem, but apart from this quirk, the Vampires expansion is perfect for players who are particularly bloodthirsty. Residing in the Forgotten Hollow, Sims can transform into immortal vampires complete with supernatural abilities (such as turning into a bat, or possessing superhuman speed).

  • My Wedding Stories - $19.99

My Wedding Stories fleshes out the previously underwhelming wedding ceremonies of the base game. Proposals become a lot more meaningful with an engagement dinner, and the couple's big day can be planned out down to the most minute of details, like the contents of the menu. Players can even have a bachelor's party, choose the Sim of Honor, and slow dance.

How Much The Sims 4's Stuff Packs Cost In 2023

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Stuff packs don't provide any new careers, areas, or gameplay features. Instead, they simply expand the player's stylistic horizons by providing new items, decor, and clothing - all centered around a specific aesthetic, theme or concept. Some stuff packs are essential to The Sims 4 experience, but they're not quite as game-changing as expansion packs or game packs. There are currently 18 stuff packs to choose from in The Sims 4.

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The Cost Of All Sims 4 Kits In 2023

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  • Bowling Night - $9.99
  • Moschino - $9.99
  • My First Pet - $9.99
  • Tiny Living - $9.99
  • Kids Room - $9.99
  • Fitness - $9.99
  • Paranormal - $9.99
  • Toddler - $9.99
  • Nifty Knitting - $9.99
  • Vintage Glamour - $9.99
  • Laundry Day - $9.99
  • Backyard - $9.99
  • Spooky - $9.99
  • Romantic Garden - $9.99
  • Movie Hangout - $9.99
  • Cool Kitchen - $9.99
  • Perfect Patio - $9.99
  • Luxury Party - $9.99

Kits are the smallest available DLC for the Sims 4, and their price reflects that. Usually only consisting of a handful of items - either in the clothing category or the furniture category - The Sims 4's kits generally aren't worth buying. There are currently 19 kits available.

  • Throwback Fit - $4.99
  • Courtyard Oasis - $4.99
  • Bust the Dust - $4.99
  • Industrial Loft - $4.99
  • Decor to the Max - $4.99
  • Fashion Street - $4.99
  • Little Campers - $4.99
  • Moonlight Chic - $4.99
  • Carnaval Streetwear - $4.99
  • Modern Menswear - $4.99
  • Country Kitchen - $4.99
  • Incheon Arrivals - $4.99
  • Blooming Rooms - $4.99
  • First Fits - $4.99
  • Desert Luxe - $4.99
  • Everyday Clutter - $4.99
  • Pastel Pop - $4.99
  • Simtimates Collection - $4.99
  • Bathroom Clutter - $4.99

When combining the prices of all expansion packs, game packs, stuff packs, and kits, the total cost of all Sims 4 DLC in 2023 comes out to an astounding $995 (USD). Being just $5 short of one thousand puts things into serious perspective, as such an amount can cover significant real-life expenses, like bills or rent. Of course, players are at complete liberty to spend their money as they please, especially with The Sims 4's hopeful new roadmap for 2023. But as EA's unpopular monetization practices are now reaching four figures, it could foretell a grim future for The Sims 4 - and for consumers as a whole.

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