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Buying tickets is normal when going to the cinema, amusement park, concert or for going to any other special event. And you might ever hear the terms ‘ presale tickets’ and ‘regular tickets’ while buying a ticket and some of you might ignore these terms by assuming both as the same.

Well, your assumption is not correct, as both of these terms are used to identify two different types of tickets.

Presale tickets are tickets for any show, concert, etc which are sold before normal tickets and are allocated for special groups of VIPs or loyal customers. Whereas general tickets are usually sold after presale tickets, it is available for the general public.

This is one of the key differences between buying presale tickets and buying normal tickets. There are many other differences as well to know.

So stick with me as I will further discuss the facts and differences between buying a presale and a normal ticket.

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Tickets on Presale: What does it mean?

When buying a presale ticket means buying a ticket before the ticket is released for the general public.

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The demand for presale tickets has been increasing which makes a presale tickets limited. The price of pre-sale tickets varies depending on the demand for the ticket.

Usually, a password and a secure link that is sent by the event sponsor, artist, promoter, or venue are required to buy a presale ticket. These passwords and links are sent to exclusive fan club members of a particular company(depending on the event).

There is a special allocation of seats for presale tickets different from general tickets.

There are several benefits of buying a presale ticket.

  • Can skip the waiting line
  • Have time to plan things
  • Confirmed tickets before the general sale

Having pre-sale tickets does not guarantee better seats or seats closer to the stage. It all comes to luck if the event is very popular.

There are different types of presale tickets.

Venue Presale

It is presale directly from the venues. The link will be sent to you via email which will take you directly to the presale. To get these links, sign up to the venue emailing list.

Metropolis Presale

Events which are organized by Metropolis organizer, its presale tickets are available for customers who are registered to metropolis site. In order to have access to presale tickets, you have to be registered to the Metropolis website and log in when the pre-sale tickets are available. Links will be emailed by Metropolis as well.

American Express Presale

American Express presales are exclusive presales only available for American Express customers and in order to purchase presale tickets you must be an American Express cardholder.

Cuffe and Taylor Presale

Cuffe and Taylor are event organizers and exclusive presales are available on their sites as well. You just need to be registered to their site. Email of presale release will be sent to you via email.

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SSE Rewards Presale

SSE Rewards presale is also an exclusive presale that is available for SSE rewards customers only.

Difference between buying a normal and presale ticket

A normal ticket is a ticket that we buy on the release date before getting into a cinema, concert, or other event.

The terms normal ticket and presale ticket are sometimes regarded as the same as both of them are the same. But some factors between them make a presale ticket different from a normal ticket.

Presale TicketsNormal Tickets
Availability VIPs or loyal customersGeneral Public
ReleasedBefore release dateOn the given release date

While buying a presale ticket you have prior access to tickets before the ticket release date. Whereas, normal tickets are released on the specified released date.

Presale tickets are bought online through a secure link and password. Whereas, a normal ticket can be bought online and at the event venue as well.

The price of presale tickets can sometimes end up lower than the price of normal tickets if presale tickets are released before the increase in demand (for that ticket).

While buying a presale ticket a password and secure link are required in order to purchase it. Whereas, while buying a normal ticket no password or link is required, you just need to go to the website or place, need to specify the number of tickets, and buy tickets.

While buying presale tickets there is no need to wait in never-ending long lines.

You might be unfamiliar with these differences by knowing them will help you to make the right decision when buying tickets.

Are presale seats better?

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Presale seats are seats sold before the release date. Buying a presale ticket does not guarantee that you get better seats that are closer to the stage.

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But there is a greater chance of getting better seats depending upon your luck as by the time tickets reach the general public the chance of getting seats closer to the stage.

Normal tickets vs. Presale Tickets: which costs more?

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Presale tickets are neither more expensive, nor are they less expensive— they are just opportunities for you to secure better seats.

Presale tickets are frequently distributed in blocks, and not all of the prime seats are given away during the presale. Regular presale tickets are sold in blocks that contain excellent seats (first row, middle floor, lower 100s), however, the blocks are restricted to specific sections.

How to find tickets on presale?

Only a code is required to get a presale ticket. Now there might be a question in your mind about where to find these codes. So, let’s have a look at ways to find presale tickets and their code.


By joining a fan club, you can have access to exclusive content and information.

The fan club of an official artist provides opportunities for fans to participate in giveaways and other contests. You can also get a chance of acquiring presale codes. Once you have signed in to any fan club you must be always looking for presale codes and other opportunities.

Social Media Platforms

Following your favorite artists on social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, etc) can keep you informed about their current activities and events.

Keep your main focus on promotional stuff as they’ll be frequently posting related to presale codes. They may also make a post regarding any of their upcoming tour and may share the method to get presale tickets.

Credit Cards

Credit Card companies also provide unique deals for presale codes to their loyal customers.

Credit card companies may also reward their loyal customers with many other exclusive deals. You must also stay in touch with your credit card company to get updated about presale codes deals and to get yourself enrolled in them.

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You must keep your eyes on the official website in order to get presale codes for a music concert.

You must visit the official website of the singer or band if you want to get a presale code for a music concert. By visiting the official website and by signing up for the email list you will be provided information about upcoming tours of the artist.

Want to know the easiest hacks to secure a presale ticket? Check this video out.


Tickets are important for entrance to concerts or other events. Normal tickets and presale tickets are almost the same and they differ by only a couple of factors.

These factors must not be neglected in any case, as these differences are vital when you are going to buy a ticket.

Tickets must be bought at the right time and scammers present in online and offline marketplaces must be avoided.

When buying a presale ticket you must be using secure website links and enter your information on a safe and secure website. As it would avoid exploitation of your data and will provide prevention from scams.

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Which is the cheapest supermarket UK 2022? ›

However, Lidl won the cheapest supermarket accolade in 2020 and was also the cheapest supermarket in May 2022, at £23.55 for a basket of 18 groceries. In comparison, Aldi's basket was £24.60.

Do different Sainsbury's have different prices? ›

Whether in our supermarkets, online or in a local store, we aim to make our prices clear, fair and appealing to our customers. Different sizes of stores have very different operational requirements and running costs. Rents, for example, are often more expensive in our smaller stores due to their locations.

Is Tesco Express more expensive than normal Tesco? ›

While Tesco Extra and Tesco Metro supermarkets were designed to cater for shoppers' larger, weekly shops, branches of Tesco Express are smaller, convenience stores and some shoppers say are also more expensive.

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Whether in-store or online, we'll clearly mark products with a yellow Clubcard Price label, and you'll also see the regular price.

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When comparing Aldi vs Lidl, Aldi is the better and cheaper supermarket. You can get great product quality while saving money at the same time. However, this does not mean that you should never go to Lidl.

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Aldi has been crowned the cheapest supermarket in the UK as shoppers look to cut costs any way they can in the midst of the cost of living crisis.

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1. Re: Difference between Tesco and Tesco Express? The Express stores have less of a choice and are generally more expensive the bigger stores.

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Aldi had cheaper prices for 17 out of 25 items!

Aldi beat Walmart on chicken breasts and ground beef by about 40%. Aldi won in almost every miscellaneous category—except diapers, where they tied. Walmart stands out in pantry items, with their chicken broth and gluten-free bread coming in at least 30% cheaper than Aldi.

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Lidl has been named the cheapest supermarket for everyday groceries as the average cost of products continued to rise across the board, according to a new report.

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UK's best and worst in-store supermarkets revealed by Which?
  • M&S - 78%
  • Aldi - 77%
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